A practice of cell-level healing and energy support for enhancing health.

Healing energy supports individuals in many ways, here are a few

Develops or strengthens a healthy flow of energy.

Clears blockages

Works deeply at the level of our cells to support our physical health

Connects us with the Divine Source of Healing, Light and Love

"I fully endorse Erika Wiersma as a healing facilitator.  Erika is naturally gifted with compassion and healing energy.  She is a lightbearer who can communicate with cells for renewal, health and vitality."   

Joyce Hawkes, PhD

Author of Cell Level Healing; The Bridge From Soul to Cell and Resonance ~ Nine Practices for Harmonious Health and Vitality 

In practice now for over 10 years, Erika has helped support many clients with Light and Healing Energy.  Her clients have experienced positive shifts in their energy, health, and spiritual connections.  Trained in Cell-Level Healing by Dr. Joyce Hawkes, she offers healing support for those with health challenges or emotional upsets as well as those drawn to maintaining a healthy energy system.   She also works with gifted and sensitive children and their families.

The experience of a healing session is unique for each person.  It is a safe and supportive time for healing, renewal, and expansion.