As a healing facilitator, Erika participates in linking you to healing energy.  Through this bridge Erika hopes to help you deepen your own spiritual connection and experience healing and compassion that enriches your life.  Following a session, clients often share they feel lighter, very relaxed and supported.

Erika currently offershour long in-office appointments in Seattle or appointments by phone.  Distance healing sessions are very similar to in-office sessions and clients have found them just as effective.  At the appointment time for a distance session, Erika will call you and talk over the phone.  Then, you find a relaxing place to rest or meditate. As if you were present with her, Erika will send healing energy for you.

"My experiences with Erika's healing work have been wonderful!  The effects were an increased sense of peace, a calm centering of the physical body, and a strengthened connection to God.  I am truly amazed by her spiritual insights and powerful healing energy."

K. Grutzner

"I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids and I decided to investigate some alternative choices to surgery.  During my research I found out about Erika and energy healing.  Prior to working with Erika I was not able to sleep on my left side or lay on my stomach.  Currently my fibroids have shrunk in size and I can lay on my left side and stomach.   I thank Erika for putting me on my healing journey.

R. Lewis

Erika intuitively works with each client to find their individual needs in energy clearing and flow and cellular level support.  A healthy flow of energy is encouraged through the clearing of any blockages and this can benefit our overall well-being.  When healing energy is directed at the cellular level our cells receive additional support as they work to return to their natural state of health. This work is intended to provide an opportunity for harmony and balance of our energy and areas of our physical body in need of support.